About MAA

The Maine Aeronautics Association is Maine’s pilots association. It was formed to fill a void in the state of Maine by establishing itself as a centrally recognized organization. We are a non-profit, professional organization dedicated to keeping flying safe and fun. We work with our neighboring communities to provide information and educational opportunities. We promote aviation through education, advocacy, and community outreach. This is done through sponsoring conferences, fly-ins, and FAA safety seminars. We provide aviation educational opportunities on both the state and local level. We have supported Portland and Bangor based ACE Camp since it’s inception. We provide scholarships and volunteer support for this youth aviation camp as well as Maine’s Civil Air Patrol Cadet program.The RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit, (and the Texas Flying Legend Museum) is an example of MAA’s local educational outreach efforts. We work with a number of aviation entities throughout the state and New England to continually provide the necessary information and support for our pilots; aviation businesses and organizations to keep our airport communities viable and strong. This website is published to disseminate information about our activities and aviation events around the state.
We established the first of it’s kind airport campground in Lincoln  which provides camping facilities for both land and seaplane pilots. The Lincoln Airport Campground and Seaplane Base (LRG) on the Penobscot River has multiple tent sites, a bath house with hot showers, an office with Wi-Fi, a screen house, and kayaks.
Throughout this website, you’ll find information on and about the MAA. This past summer and fall has been a busy one for MAA and the Wiscasset Municipal Airport. You can read all about our past activities, our current events, and our future plans. This website provides a calendar of aviation events happening in and around Maine, and New England, and links to related websites.
MAA works for you and contributes to our aviation community…
WE ARE YOUR MAINE PILOT’S ASSOCIATIONHere are the many events and programs we are responsible for and the organizations and endeavors we support(ed).

  • MAA’s Lincoln Airport Campground and Seaplane Base (LRG)
  • The Great State of Maine Airshow BXM
  • Education, Community Outreach and Advocacy
  • Bicycles for Pilots Program
  • Annual June Seaplane Safety Seminar–Maine
  • International Seaplane Fly-In Greenville
  • Sun-n-Fun Airshow, Lakeland Florida
  • Annual Gadabout Gaddis Cup Award luncheon in September
  • January annual Soup Sunday
  • Annual Aviation Forum
  • March annual Safety Seminar and Chili Cook-Off
  • Open House at KIWI with Texas Flying Legends (TFLM)
  • RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit (the story of the Tuskegee Airmen)
  • CAP Cadet Scholarship program
  • EAA  and Young Eagles program
  • Contributions to local Veterans programs
  • Aviation programs for women and girls–Katahdin Wings 99’s
  • Recreational Aviation Foundation
  • Seaplane Pilots Association
  • AOPA
  • Maine Aircraft Use Tax
  • Maine Aeronautics Advisory Committee
  • Maine Aviation Business Association
  • Pilots Bill of Rights
  • Bellamy River rights, New Hampshire
    19-Mile Bay Lake Winnepesaukee-Floatplane Access

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